Privacy Policy

At, we want you to enjoy our content which we publish on daily basis and benefit from our websites and online services secure in the knowledge that we have implemented fair information practices designed to protect our user privacy. Our privacy policy is applicable to, and’s affiliates and subsidiaries whose websites, and other online services are directly linked sites.

The privacy policy knows the information which website or apps gather at the time when user visit our site, in our website we usually do not gather any private information such as Email, phone number, IP Address and other info, even we also do not use any tool to gather that info as of now. but we use Google analytics and another plugin to manage our website traffic data, such as how our site behaving, where to most traffic coming from, and what is the age of the visitor.

We are associates with some affiliate sites to and we get paid for every qualified sale we make, but the cookies and activity they track we are not associated with those sites, we only associate via affiliate programs.

By visiting our Site, you are accepting the practices described in our privacy policy, including our use of cookies and similar online tools. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy, please do not use the Sites. but you are at a safe place, we always try to improve our website security by using some extraordinary tools. So that our user will never be we are affected by any spam attacks. we are 100% secure.

What Information Is Collected?

We collect two basic types of information from you in conjunction with your use of the Sites: non-personally identifiable information and personally identifiable information. as we share above we only collect demographic data, location, city, personal information such as email ID, phone number, House address, and other personal ID we never ask for any user, even as of now we do not use retargeting to track user activity.

Personally Identifiable Information

We allow all the users to visit our site, browse our site without submitting any personal info, our website is free to access from anywhere anytime and you have the option to contact us via the contact form, which we mentioned on Contact us page.

We may also collect information about your use of the Sites, including your search terms and search results, and additional “traffic data” such as time of access, date of access, Bounce rate, Site speed, User visiting page software crash reports, session identification number, access times, and referring website addresses. Our servers may automatically keep an activity log of your use of our Sites. In addition to non-identifiable individual information, we may collect aggregate data regarding the use of the Sites.

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