JGAURORA A3S Fully Metal LCD Display Control DIY 3D Printer $40 Discount Coupon

JGAURORA A3S 3D Printer Key Features:

  • Its Innovative BDG Platform
  • 2.8-inch Color LCD Touch Screen with improved UI
  • Resume Printing Automatically after power failure
  • Elegant Appearance
  • You will Heat, Move, Home, Print, Extrude, Fan, Setting, and More options on LCD Screen
  • The Printer design with 2 color combination
  • It just takes 60 seconds to assemble
  • It has Complete Metal Frame
  • It is Semi-Intelligent Auto Leveling
  • The device gives more accurate output
  • It has Linear Bearing System, High Precision Alloy Nozzle
  • Comes with Stepper Motor, T-Type Screw Motor
  • Supported Nozzle Temperature 180-240 degree centigrade
  • STL, OBJ, G-Code Supported File Format
  • 0.4mm Nozzle Diameter
  • 0.2mm Layer Thickness
  • 205 mm x 205 mm x 205 mm Printing Volume.

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JGAURORA A3S Discount Details:

  • Listed Price: $299.99
  • Discount Price: $259.99
  • Discount: $40
  • Coupon Code: JGAURORAA3S
  • Sale Start Date: 17-Feb-2018
  • End Date: 28-Feb-2018
  • Quantity: 100 Pieces.

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